You want to do what you believe in and not follow the orders of somebody who pays you? Have you thought of being your own boss, of being an entrepreneur?

If yes, you are different. The majority of people in Europe have never had such ideas. Maybe people simply do not know what the entrepreneurial spirit is all about. Can you explain it in a video?

Maybe people are afraid of trying something new. Can your video encourage them?

We are looking for videos that explore one of the following subjects: “The entrepreneurial spirit”, “Innovative Entrepreneurship”, “Responsible Entrepreneurship”

For the best video in each of the three categories the European Commission will award a prize of € 3,000, the second best video will be awarded € 2,000, the third best € 1,000.

The producers of the best videos will be invited to the opening event of the European week for small and medium sized enterprises on 6 May 2009 in Brussels, Belgium.

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